• Who We Are: WeListen is a grassroots, campus-based organization bridging the American political divide.


    Our Mission: To build empathy across the American political spectrum through conversation.


    Our Goal: Change the American political climate by building a movement of listeners on campuses across the country.

  • What We Do

    WeListen convenes small-group discussion to humanize the other side

    The Problem

    America is divided.

    Red states and blue states, echo chambers on social media, and a divisive presidential election. Americans can't seem to get along.

    Our Solution

    WeListen gets people talking. Face to face.

    We're fostering small-group discussion between unlikely conversants to change the American political climate—campus by campus.

    Our Method

    Small-group conversation on campus.

    At WeListen, participants from across the political spectrum—Democrats, Republicans, or neither—engage in facilitated discussion (not debate!) on topics like gun control, free speech, abortion, and immigration.


    They come together to learn why someone might not agree with them, and leave with an enhanced understanding of how individuals’ backgrounds and value systems affect how they see the world.

  • WeListen in the News

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  • WeListen in the News

    Read about our work!

    Want to feature WeListen in your publication? Contact welistenusa@gmail.com.