• Staff Discussions

    University of Michigan

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    Removing stigma from political discussion in the workplace.


    Inspired by the WeListen student group, the WeListen Staff Series was formed in April 2017.

    Through each session, we engage in civil dialogue during challenging conversations, educate participants about pertinent political topics, and facilitate a sense of community among staff members.

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    Meet us at CLDE 2019!

    The WeListen Staff team will be at the 2019 Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement Meeting!


    Attend our session to say hello and learn how to host your own WeListen discussion.

  • WeListen Staff in the News

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    "Forget the shouting and demonizing: College students organize civil discussions"

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    "WeListen staff series works to cultivate respectful conversations"

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    "WeListen staff series tackles impact of mass incarceration"